How to market yourself when you’re a new photography business

Just like in any other enterprise, when you open a new business, how strong you start will depend on your vision and, like it or not, budget.  Ah, we all wish we could start strong and place an advertisement on national TV or on the Times Square.  We will assume that your business is rising from the bottom and you need some strategies to market yourself when you are a new photography business.

Marketing your photography

Granted, marketing photography services is one of the most difficult things you will probably have to do.  With so many ways to market your photography business, it is hard to know where to focus.  Getting the service you offer in front of the people that need it can be hard and lead to frustration.

There are many channels out there to help you market your business.  But this is actually a call for being wise at the moment of choosing your strategy.  There is no shortcut to effective photography business marketing.

Prepare yourself

The first thing that I suggest you do is to ask yourself some fundamental questions:

  • Who am I as a photographer?
  • What makes me stand from the rest?  There has to be something innovative that you can offer.
  • What do I have to offer my clients?  Make sure you have exactly what you are willing to offer and how far can you get with flexibility.  Besides this, you should have the skills to offer such services.  Learn everything that has to do with photography. Convince people of why it is in their best interest to hire you instead of trying to do it themselves.  Next, go and practice.  Take photos of everything and then, practice some more. Once you have all this in place, start marketing yourself.
  • What demography do I want to target?  Sometimes just spilling the beans and see which one stays is not as effective as throwing them into the right ground.  This is one basic principle of marketing.

Some Marketing Ideas for Photographers

Ok, so now we get to the marketing part.  I´ll just share some ideas on how to promote yourself.

  • Social media provides a great platform for you to promote your work.  Use the right channels depending on what people in your community uses.  Remember that social media is a tool that can reach all corners of the earth.  But, unless you find it profitable to travel to Australia for a photo session, then you need to determine what is the geographic region you want to reach.
  • Go beyond and above.  Not only offer photography services but offer custom invitations or cards.  As we said before, offer something that others do not.  This will require you to also get skilled in photoshop and design.
  • Network here, network there, network everywhere.  Try checking out a charity event and ask permission to take photos of it.  While at it, provide people with business cards.  This is one great way of getting your phone ringing with one or two families that want their photos taken.
  • Give free “treats”.  You can offer combos that include a free 16×20″ print if they provide you some feedback on your social media channels.  This will show you the power of referrals and UGC (User Generated Content).

If you want more marketing ideas and assistance, I believe that Curve Vancouver has the right idea.  This marketing agency uses the power of photography to promote every organization as unique.